My trusted skin care products for sensitive skin

My trusted skin care products for sensitive skin

I have very sensitive skin and eczema, so when I choose skincare it’s always a hit or miss.  Sometimes it works great, and then it doesn’t work so well after a while.  After many years of trying moisturizers, here some that I find works best with my sensitive skin.



Clinique has always advertised as a brand that is gentle on skin and dermatologist tested.

I like how light these feel on my skin and are not as oily as some moisturizers might be.


Dramatically Different Moisturizing Gel or Lotion

The gel version of this is a bit light for me sometimes, but when the weather is hot and I’m in a humid environment, it works great.  The lotion can be a bit oily, but I usually switch between the gel or lotion depending on how dry my skin is.


 Moisture Surge Overnight Mask

This has been my favourite lately.  Although it says overnight mask, I use it as my everyday face moisturizer.  It has thick enough texture that it feels really hydrating for my skin, but at the same time doesn’t leave a floating layer that some of the oilier moisturizer has.

estee lauder

 Estee lauder Advanced Multi-Protection Crème – Oil Free SPF 25

This crème is great for those really dry days when you need a moisturizer to last you a whole day.  I chose the Oil Free version because of my sensitive skin and my skin can’t handle too much oil.  Another great thing about this moisturizer is the SPF included…perfect for my lazy nature ;)


Clinique Liquid Facial Soap – Mild

This has to be the gentlest cleanser I’ve used so far.  Usually other cleansers leave my skin really dry after I use it.  But this one actually feels moisturizing and gentle on my skin.

 As you can see, most of my products are from Clinique.  It has been really good to my sensitive skin, and unlike other brands, it is reasonably cheap – comparable to drug store cleanser prices!

If you have sensitive skin like me, I hope these might help you choose your perfect moisturizer!

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