5 signs you're an entrepreneur !

I'm currently amazed (and a bit obsessed !) by entrepreneurship so I did some reading.  These are some interesting things that I've picked up.  I think it's so interesting to see how entrepreneurs have a completely mindset compared to the rest of the people (apparently called "consumers" ).

Here are 5 signs that make you an entrepreneur:

1. You know your time is valuable

you outsource whenever you can and get other people to carry out mundane tasks for you.

2. You didn't just buy yourself a job

being an entrepreneur doesn't mean that you are working 24/7- you work smart but hard.  When you're spending all your time running the business you maybe be spreading yourself thin, with little to show for.

3. You are a big picture person

you are not bogged down by the details.  You know how to bring resources together to work for you.

4. You're not a nice person...

...at least some of the time.  You can't be a push over if you want to achieve your goal.  You know your limits and know when to put your foot down.

5. You always think "what's in it for me ?"

you are always interested in your return on investment.  Even if you're running on Passion, you can only do so much based on that.  If you don't start making any return on investment, your business will be a flop.

 What do you think? Do you have any other characteristics you can think of ?


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