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Swamped ? Here's my productivity solution

If you're starting your new blog, a new business or any project in general, you'll know how much time it takes to get things started. I'm currently trying to start my own consulting business and i've been so distracted by all the task i need to start doing !  If you've read  The 4 hour workweek then you'll know that it suggests getting a virtual assistant and outsourcing your work...well, that's exactly what i'm trying to achieve.  My first concerns are

  1. how do i choose a good reliable company?

  2. how can someone do my own work better than me ??

  3. do i really have the money to hire  a virtual assistant?

to answer those questions here's how I decided on getting help:

choosing a good company

i decided on using Fancy Hands because they charge by task where as other companies count by hours and each task is around $5, which is pretty affordable.  Another thing i like about this is they're based in the US, where as other VA companies might be based in India or Phlilppines and the lanuage barrier might be big and the quality of work might not be as good.

Can they do work as good as me ?

I realized that i have to let go of this thought if i need to get help.  Of course i'll always like doing my own work because i get to control the quality of my work, but when it comes to freeing up your time, you'd have to learn how to delegate.  What i realized too was that sometimes I don't do work as good as other people and one big this is that working with other people gives me new perspective which is really important.

Can I afford help ?

If you're starting a business one thing you'll have to learn is to use your resources.  When you can outsource your mundane repetitive work at maybe $10-$15 to someone else, it's worth it.  You won't get bogged down on the details and get to actually work and expand your business ideas.

Can you think of any start-up tips that would be useful? 

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How to increase productive this year!

asana how to increase productivity

It’s a bit late to talk about New Year’s resolution, but since December, I’ve been trying Asana for my personal projects.  This seems like more of a business app, but I decided to give it a try for all the projects in my life.

So far, this has proven to be a very useful tool to keep track of all the projects I have going on.  Even small ones like grocery lists.  I used to keep everything in a note book, but then things get lost in old pages and you can never find where you wrote that task you forgot to do.

Here are things I like about Asana:

Great planner for couples

It doesn’t have to for your other half, but you can share your “projects” or task list with someone else.   It gives an organized view of what needs to be done around the house or for you vacation planning and it sends email reminders for tasks with due date.

An overview of all my tasks

I can see all the tasks I’m doing for each project together.  You can also have sub categories for each project so you can break down your tasks.  It works well for my mind dump of all the blog ideas I have !

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You can access it pretty much everywhere

I like to use Asana on my browser, but there is also an app you can download on your phone.  That means you can add those extra tasks that comes to mind when you’re out and check what tasks needs to been done when away from your computer.

You can sync to your Google Calendar

Another good features is that you can set deadlines for each task and see each deadline in you Google Calendar.  You can do this by getting the link for a specific project and then adding it to your Google Calendar.

Increases your productivity!

I find that because I have an organized list of what needs to be done, I am able to get things done faster and prioritize what needs to be done.  And a feeling of ACCOMPLISHMENT when you check off a completed task!
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