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Garden fix ups

You know its not good when I gotta write a follow up post on a praising post about a product. Well, the disillusion about Mighty Putty has been felt. Here are the circumstances:

So there was a tiny crack in this PVC pipe in a garden and I applied some mighty putty to contain the leak. However, it was observed that Mighty Putty would have worked only if the pipe was a drain pipe or something that is not pressurized water. In our case, it didnt take long until the hole leaked again, though at least not spraying out.

We ended up just changing the whole pipe. It would have been cool to try other solutions I saw online, the most interesting being to apply PVC primer and then PVC cement. The primer would effectively melt the PVC to get it ready to actually bond with the PVC cement so its actually sealed.

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Mighty putty

Well lets start by saying good luck pulling that truck with this bind. It does the job at fixing lightweight broken items and does well at blocking a small leak. However i think most heavier duty broken items such as the handle of my dragon boat paddle did not even last 10 strokes. Its never really hard either so you can always peel it off and it certainly doesn't bond with the surface its on too well. This make mighty putty a pretty poor glue for most applications. And it still needs a dry surface to bond on, this means if a pipe is leaking, u gotta clean the surface and put the putty on all in one second. Not really feasible and if there's water, it'll just leak out before the putty is dry.

I will be using it on a pipe that is leaking. See how that goes

So we turned off the water of the whole community garden, applied the putty. If you dont use this often, the top part of the tube will be dry and you'll have to waste it. But well, after putting it on, waiting 30minutes and turning the water back on, it seems to be a success!

My fingers were filthy from playing with the putty because you have to work it before its good for usage. Takes a lot of scrubbing to get that off.

I don't recommend it. Get a real epoxy, you'll see that the bond is better, smoother, and probably blocks leaks better, it just takes way more time to dry. We're going to have to replace the pipe anyways eventually, can this putty really last through the winter?

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Infomercial review: Ninja kitchen system

Alright, my fiancee and I didn't conclude out of the blues that I'm gullible. I tend to watch infomercials and actually go and buy them to try them out.

Hey come on, its a great idea, look at what you COULD do with it that you didn't even want to do before. And the price is pretty good compared to the combined prices of tools you'd need to get to perform the same set of tasks. And they're slashing the price down by half. And if you call now, they DOUBLE the offer. And wait, they will also throw in this barely related piece in the deal... BUY IT NOW.

That routine got me way too many times. Let's start reviewing the Ninja (150$)
Awesome things you could do with it:
- make pizza
- ice cream
- smoothies
- soups
Good points:
- relatively inexpensive: 150$
- very powerful
- triple blade, can't really beat that when you have long items like carrots that may not blend using one blade
-  nice locking system: you'll know what I mean if you see one at walmart, feels very secure and wont shake all over the place while you're blending at full power
Bad points:
- the SQUARE footprint of the pitcher!!!! who designed that???? why??? I'm not even going to point our other bad points (ok, quickly, i can make pizza manually in the same time, ice cream doesnt really work as advertised, smoothies need a lot of water).

The square footprint makes a lot of things fail, 
- if you try to make a drier smoothie, all the chunks of fruits will get stuck in the corners and will not blend.
- if you try to make dough, some flour will remain in the  corners... the dough proportions then wont work unless you stop the machine, and go scrape out the corners before continuing.
- same problem, ice cream is not going to work unless you put a lot of liquids, but then, its not really ice cream! and if you follow the recipe and put enough water to not get stuck in the corners, its more like a slushie.

sigh. well, its still good for soups, but i could have done that with any blenders.

It seems lots of Ninja models are actually circular footprints, so i really wonder why they main one is square footprint.

I'd recommend somebody try the other ninja models that have circular footprint and tell us about it.

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Infomercial Miracle Blade III

Miracle Blade III

One word, freakin awesome deal!!!

Just get the normal deal, 20$, you get

Rock and Chop (not used too frequently, my grand mother used it once for chopping a roasted pig, that was the only time i thought it was irrepplaceable)
Chop and Scoop (probably the best to make thin slices of meat, one of my mom's favorites)
Slicer (ok, so apparently it cuts through bricks, shoes, walls... it might, but it would take a LOT of time, it does stay sharp though), kind of an all around knife but i quickly found other knives i liked better so i never use this one anymore.
Pairing knife (pretty useless)
5 Steak knives (these are actually pretty good and sturdy, chances are people will keep those forever in their homes)
FILET: now i left all these knives home for my mom when I moved to Vancouver. This is the one knife i really miss. You know what you saw on the commercial, well, its actually true. I used to skin salmon filets so easily, now... i'm having a pretty hard time. I need a flexible knife so that it follows the skin and cuts through the rest. The only thing i find weak about this knife is that its designed for right handed people. the blade is asymmetric, one side is flat, the other has the angle of the blade so it is a tiny bit harder for left-handed people to filet stuff. (i'm left-handed when it comes to using knives). AMAZING KNIFE!


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