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Ways to Save Money on Your Electric Bill This Winter

As winter rolls around, the electricity bill will go up - and as a frugal couple, we always try to find ways to keep our cost down ! Here are some tips from Tim Smith for some money saving tips !

winter energy saving tips

Winter is a time for holiday cheer, snowball fights and hot chocolate by the fire. Individuals all over the country look forward to these things every year. What they do not look forward to, however, is a huge electric bill. But a few simple changes can make a big difference when it comes to saving money this winter.

Choose the Right Decorations

With the holidays here, no one should have to skip putting up lights just because they cannot afford the bill. Choosing LED lights is an excellent choice for decorating. LED lights use 75 percent less electricity than iridescent lighting. Also, remember to shut the lights off every night before going to bed in order to save energy. If you can, set up an outdoor timer to take care of turning the lights on and off every day.

Unplug What is Not Needed

Along with unplugging lights, unplug everything that is not being used or is not needed. Welcome the natural look and try not to use hair dryers or straighteners. Also, once electronics are charged, make sure to unplug them instead of leaving them to charge overnight, and if lamps are not being used, those can be unplugged as well.

Welcome the Sunshine

During the day, people should use the sun to their advantage. Open up the windows to let the light in, this makes it easier to go about the day with the lights turned off.

Use the Cold

Several states in the U.S. reach below freezing during the winter months. Take advantage of this and use the cold as a refrigerator. Unplug that extra freezer in the garage and keep the food outside. It is probably not a good idea to put food in the yard, but putting it in a garage or shed area will be just as cold as the fridge, this way, someone can unplug extra freezers or refrigerators that take up a lot of energy.

Enjoy Candlelight

Since it is the holidays, a candlelit evening is not only festive, but saves extra money. As often as possible, light candles and enjoy a natural glow during the winter months.

Turn It Down

The thermostat can suck a lot of energy up during the cold season. People need to stay warm and they sacrifice dollars to do so. In order to save some of those dollars, turn the thermostat down when it is not needed. During the night, use extra blankets so the thermostat can be turned down about 10 or 15 degrees. People can even use space heaters in their room so they can turn the thermostat lower during the night. It is also a good idea to turn it down when no one is home.

Winter is not kind to the bills, but even the bills can have holiday spirit, all they need is a little help. So take precautions and enjoy winter blessings. For more energy efficiency ideas check out Modernize.


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How to reuse your old t-shirts

t shirt yarn

I didn't know this existed until a few days ago when I was browsing the web for some ideas on eco-fashion. I wanted to know if there was a way to help salvage perfectly good clothes from reaching the landfill.  We are all guilty of buying way to many clothes that we don't wear.  The evidence: the fashion industry reached almost $2,560 trillion in 2010 and the American household spent on average, $1,700 on apparel, footwear and related products and services in 2010!!

So when I saw this t-shirt yarn, it got me intrigued since only 15% of the total textile waste that is produced ends up back in the recycling depot!.  This means that 85% of used clothes goes straight to the landfill!!  I can understand that most people don't like wearing other people's used clothes (due to cleanliness and the fact that buying things makes us feel good)- the most a average person will do is send it out for donations.  But for the crafty people out there - I think this is something worth exploring !  

It is one thing to cut up a t-shrit and sew up the sides to make it bag/pouch, but how many bags/pouches do we need?? That would just end up as a side project waiting to be thrown away.  With t-shirt yarn, I think it can made it into something more useful and expressive - an perhaps less tacky.  ** Also a great idea for those shirts you get from volunteering and never wear !**

Ready to give it a try ? I found this useful YouTube video that shows how to transform your shapeless standard tee to something that can be made into anything you can image!

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So you use Brita filters...

So you're doing your part by using Brita filters instead of getting bottled water, but what do you do with your filters afterwards?  I -like most people - have been throwing the filters away because I had no idea what to do with them.  Well I'm happy to find that Brita now has a recycling program for them ! I guess we have no excuse now...!

Brita has teamed up with Preserve, a leading maker of 100 percent recycled household consumer goods, to collect and recycle Brita pitcher filters. Preserve’s Gimme 5 Program will transform the plastic from these filters into new Preserve products. Send your used Brita® pitcher filter cartridges back to us and we’ll arrange to have them recycled by Preserve!

The best thing about it is ...

It’s easy and FREE. Brita® will pay for the shipping costs.*

*Only valid for Brita® pitcher filters returned within Canada.

How to Participate:

  • Please save 3 used Brita® pitcher filter cartridges for each shipment. Only a maximum of 3 filters per package will be accepted (maximum weight 750g). You can include Pitcher and/or Bottle filter cartridges in your shipment. 
  • Dry the used filters by shaking off excess water and setting them in a dry place for at least a week before packaging them for shipping. Wrap the used Brita® filter cartridges in a plastic grocery bag, and then pack them in a box. 
  • If possible, please reuse the original box that you purchased the Brita® filters in to package the used filters for return (boxes and bags will be recycled). 
  • If the original packaging is not available, please use a parcel that is a similar size and shape to avoid excess packaging. 
  • Upon receiving your Brita® pre-paid shipping label and bar code via email, affix the label to the package and drop the package off at the nearest Canada Post mailbox.

Read more about the program here :

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