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Foodie Review: Sushimoto

We've always gone to Sushi Town or Sushi Garden and wanted to try something new.  So we went on Urbanspoon to look for a new sushi place and found Sushimoto.  We went here on a Saturday and it was full but not as crazy as Sushi Town or Sushi Garden.  Similar to the other two, Sushimoto is also operated by Koreans and their dishes were similar.

I also tried to reserve a spot for dinner at 6pm and all the available reservation spots were booked.  We had to do walk-in, but it only took about 5 mins to get our seats.

The decoration in the restaurant was pretty unique, they have decorated with lots of figurines and Japanese decorations.

We were four people so we ordered two special rolls (vegas and volcano), a deluxe assorted sashimi, seared tai flower and a tempura udon to share.

We were not too impressed with the special rolls because it tasted somewhat similar (same sauce?) and didn't have much of a distinct taste of anything.  The rolls were also pretty loose and everything fell out and hard to grab.

The sashmi was fresh and was nicely defrosted.  It was perfect for four people since everything was in portions of four except for the shrimp.  The shrimp was also fresh - it was spot prawns - maybe they were in season ?  The waitress offered to also tempura the spot prawn heads for free. 

The seared tai flower was tasty.  It was in a bath of ponzu and the flavour was perfect.  The texture of the seared tai was great because it wasn't too slimy.

The udon was like any other place and had good portions of tempura shrimp.

Overall, the restaurant was just average for us.  If you want value, sushi town and sushi garden is still the place to be.  Their portions are bigger tastes just a slightly better.  We thought the slices of sashimi we had at sushimoto would be a bit thicker, but it seems like their slices are a bit thinner than what you would expect at sushi town or sushi garden.

Sushimoto 鮨元 on Urbanspoon

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Foodie Review: Szechuan House Restaurant

We are definitely returning customers at this restaurant.  Every time I wish to eat something fulfilling, this is my go-to place.
There are several types of Szechuan dishes we've tried there.

The spicy special oil dishes look very authentic. There is plenty of chili and numbing szechuan peppers. The oil is properly flavoured, plenty of crushed garlic. Very aromatic. There are also sweet bean paste style dishes which are very good. 

Dishes we've tried:
- spicy pork intestine 
- pork belly with tree mushroom, in a sweet special sauce
- beef tripe in special spicy sauce

The dishes have plenty of meat. We usually just order 2 dishes and rice for 2 people and it is definitely enough.

All very good. In my opinion the best Szechuan deal in town.

Szechuan House Restaurant (Burnaby) 巴渝菜舍 on Urbanspoon

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Foodie Review: Sardine Can

Mr Frugal really likes Spanish food, so we decided to visit Sardine Can to try out their tapas.  We've heard good things about this place, but also acknowledge that this place can get expensive.  But since we decided to have an early dinner, it was a great place to grab some tapas!

Sardine Can on Urbanspoon

This place is a pretty small place, but is packed with good food.  

We ordered:

Tostas de Sardinas: Smoked Sardine on Toast

 Estufado de pulpo Octopus, potato and chorizo casserole


We really enjoyed the food that was there.  We were actually pretty full from our order.  

The Octopus, potato and chorizo casserole was our favourite.  It was cooked perfectly and had a good kick from the chorizo.  

The Paella was amazing! For the tapa sized Paella, it was packed with some good and BIG juicy seafood - as you can see from our picture - the prawn was huge!  High quality seafood for sure.  The unusual thing about this dish is that it's a bit drier than that you would expect compared to a traditional Paella.  Despite that, it was a pretty good dish!

Overall, we really enjoyed this nice little place.  It was tasty and we'll definitely come back for another visit.

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Foodie Reviews: Mr Red Cafe

Mr. Red Cafe on Urbanspoon

This place first caught our eye because it claims to be the "quintessence" of Vietnamese food.  That is a bold claim to have, so we decided to try for ourselves!

The exterior of the cafe is interesting because it looks a bit ghetto with red lettering all over the place ( i guess to be consistent with the cafe name?) , but the inside is very nicely decorated.  We were greeted promptly by the server and had very good service.

The menu had some very authentic and unique Vietnamese food, some that you can't find at other "Pho" places since most Vietnamese restaurants' specialty is just Pho.  We decided to try something new and ordered a platter of sliced pork hoc with deep fried tofu with shrimp paste and a Bun bo hue (pho) to try.

The platter was authentic, though bland.  People that are not Vietnamese might not know how to eat it/ assemble it.  This dish was pretty minimalistic.  It doesn't really hit the spot.  It can be described as a normal home cooked dish in the countryside.

The Bun bo hue (pho) we ordered was of decent size, and somewhat different from other Bun bo hue (pho) we've had.  This is because their soup base is a bit different, not like the shrimp paste based we're used to (thicker broth).  This has a clearer broth and doesn't have any pork hoc in it.  It was a tasty dish over all.

Over all, we recommend this place if you want to try something new, but it's not your usually Pho joints.

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Foodie Review - PiDGiN

" Stylish restaurant offering creative, French-influenced takes on Asian cuisine plus craft cocktails." 
PiDGin on Urbanspoon

We went to this place for DineOut Vancouver and was really impressed with the way they ran DineOut.  Usually restaurants want you to choose one appetizer, entree and dessert from their menu, but at PiDGiN, they have a preset menu where you can try an array of food - which I think what DineOut should be!

My favourite dishes were:

  • tuna, smoked yolk puree, shishito pear salsa

Clean and naturally flavoured.  Really enjoyed the freshness of this dish

  • soft shell crab, bouillabaisse, octopus chips

the soft shell crab was AMAZING.  Full of flavour and meaty.  Every item in this dish really captured the essence of the sea !

  • beef striploin, lobster bisque cabbage, pickled shimeji

Perfectly grilled beef striploin with a hit of charred flavour.  Prefect meat to fat ratio.

  • shishito peppers, parmesan, pine nuts 

Aroma of the peppers really came through from the grilling.  A dish that really surprised me with its flavour.

  • “dan dan” kohlrabi noodle salad, tofu, almonds

Although this was a vegetarian dish, it still had a lot of flavour and really mastered the taste of the real dan dan noodles.






VALUE: *** Average *** - Their food portion is small, so beware that if you have a large group or if you have a big appetite, it might not be the place for you !

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Foodie Review - Cafe Salade de Fruits

This place is a hidden gem!  It’s tucked away in the French Cultural center where it’s a very fitting place for the restaurant.   I’ve been here twice and it never disappoints, but you should book ahead as they’re always busy!

Café Salade de Fruits on UrbanspoonMy recommendation is to get their mussels…and with fries (there’s an option for salad)!  Their mussels are the juiciest you’ll ever have and their fries are done to perfection – thin and crispy.  Did I also mention that you’ll also get the biggest portion of mussels you’ll ever see ??

I’ve always gone during dinner service, having a dish per person gets me super full.  If you’re looking for more value, you can also go during lunch hour, where you can enjoy the same food for cheaper.

They also have weekly specials (table d’hote) which is a set menu that comes with an appy and dessert.  The weekly specials are also not set, so check back for new items!

The last time I had the grilled meat combo, and everything was really well made.  The shrimp was super juicy, the salmon was cooked perfectly and not fishy, and their steak was really tender.  I had no complaints !

Value: Awesome!   You get high quality food for a reasonable price.  A really homey place to eat at. **reminder that this place only takes cash !**
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Foodie Review - Waffle Bant - Robson

Waffle Bant on Urbanspoon

Recently stumbledupon this little waffle places when I ventured out to the far end of Robson Street by Vancouver Library.  This place should be pretty new since they were doing some fix-ups when I was there.  Turns out, the Waffle Bant is a franchise store, so quality of the waffles shouldn't be too bad.  If you're looking for specific information for the Robson Shop details can found on their Facbook Page.

We ended up having an original waffle with ice cream, which came out to around $6, which is pretty standard for a waffle around here.  The texture of the waffle was just the way I liked it - liege.  They also have lots of specialty waffles (meal size) that are a bit more expensive, but looks like a good portion.  One thing that I found thing place attractive other than their waffles was their operating hours.  Lots of places don't open til 12 am here, but if you plan on staying out late, and don't want to go to another bubble tea shop, this might be a good place to hang out.
Monday - Thursday//7:00am-10:00pm

Friday - Saturday//7:00am-12:00am


Value: Average - it has good waffles for a normal price range.  One plus side is the long opening hours.

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